We help job seekers and managers in Sales and Business Intelligence improve their lives by uncovering and moving the obstacles that stand in their way of beating the competition. Our services are based on proven, time-tested principles and over 20 years of buyer behavior research. 

Let me introduce myself

Hi, my name is Gail Palubiak. I'm a sales interview evangelist and I'm passionate about the power true sales principles and culture fit have to revolutionize how you hire and interview.


When I started my career in executive search over 20 years ago, I was taught the traditional interview techniques. These were methods based on the greatest HR icons of that day. But guess what...they didn't work all that well.


By becoming a voracious student of hiring manager and candidate buying behaviors, I made a huge realization...If interviewing is about selling the company or "selling yourself" wouldn't it make more sense to follow solid sales principles than to follow advice taught by people who have never sold before?! 


Sales managers and candidates finally broke through huge time wasting barriers and got the results they needed to be more successful in their careers. And I ended up setting industry records. Nice!

On the personal side...

I have 3 incredible children who are scattered across the country (they're all in sales - go figure!). I moved to Denver from St. Louis in 2013 to fulfill one of my bucket list items. Now I'm happily adjusting to life in Colorado with my dog, Rocky and my cats, Dexter and Pootsy. 


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