LinkedIn Profile Overhaul


I already paid money for my resume. Why do I need to focus on my LinkedIn profile?

Just having a LinkedIn profile is not enough. 97% of HR and recruiting professionals use LinkedIn in their recruiting efforts yet there are over 450 million users on LinkedIn. It’s vital to position your LinkedIn profile so that you show up on top of a recruiter’s candidate search.


I have my profile loaded with keywords. Why isn’t that good enough?

LinkedIn is a relational database that works differently than any other resource. Although keywords are important, the key to success lies in aligning those keywords strategically based on LinkedIn’s unique algorithms to maximize your visibility.

What does the LinkedIn Profile Overhaul process look like?

First, I will have you complete the Candidate Positioning Worksheet. This worksheet is the foundation of everything we do at Tru-Ally because it helps me gain a thorough understanding of your key success patterns and helps guide my efforts to help you land the best job. Once I have reviewed your completed worksheet, I will set up an appointment to meet with you in person or via Skype. During this 60-minute session we will assess your key success patterns, career goals, target keywords and, yes, log into your LinkedIn profile and align it to get maximum exposure line by line.


Cost: $197.00


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