Resume/Cover Letter Review


I already paid good money for my resume. How can you make it better?

The average resume gets read in 6 seconds. The difference between me (the 20 year veteran executive recruiter) and the typical resume writer (veterans of Human Resources) is I come from a sales background, not HR. I know how to capitalize on those scant 6 seconds to give you the best shot of getting in the door.

What does the resume/cover letter review process look like?

First, I will have you complete the Candidate Positioning Worksheet. This worksheet is the foundation of everything we do at GailForce Group because it helps me gain a thorough understanding of your key success patterns and helps guide my efforts to help you land the best job. Once I have reviewed your completed worksheet, I will set up an appointment to meet with you in person or via Skype. During this 60-minute session we will assess your key success patterns, career goals, target job descriptions and, yes, your current resume.

My goal is to give you a resume and cover letter template that shows your true and highest career value which will give you the best probability of getting an interview.


Cost: $97.00


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